Precision Geomatics offer a wide variety of training courses to suit all levels and requirements. All courses are led by fully qualified instructors. Trainees are given an opportunity to experience real life scenarios relevant to their field and role. All training programmes are carefully constructed to suit knowledge levels and sessions are held in small groups which encourage maximum engagement. Courses are designed to enable users to maximise the full potential from their equipment with the objective of increasing productivity and minimising human error on site.

Training courses can be held at our premises in Sunderland or East Kilbride, or at your preferred location. We also offer “Buy a Seat’ options on most of the training courses we provide starting from £95.00 per person. This is an ideal option for individuals looking to split the cost of the course with others. Visit our training calendar for upcoming events, or email us on for availability. You can find more information, or book any of our courses by scrolling below.