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Cable Avoidance

The use of cable avoidance equipment is a legal requirement and a necessity on any jobsite requiring digging or excavation work in order to reduce the risk of cable strikes.

Precision Geomatics supply and offer training on a broad range of Cable Locators and Accessories from manufacturers Leica Detection and Radiodetection.

Leica Detection produce a wide variety of intelligent cable locators each designed with a specific application or environment in mind to help the user simply, swiftly and accurately locate buried cables and pipes. Features such as automatic pinpointing and the EZiCAT i750’s GPS and data logging capabilities with the LOGiCAT VU Smart App help increase on-site safety and minimise human error on site, thereby saving the user time and money.

Using a Signal Generator in conjunction with a Cable Locator will help you locate 50% more buried cables and pipes than using a locator by itself and will also allow you to measure the depth of utilities.