SOKKIA C330 Engineers Automatic Level

SOKKIA C330 Engineers Level

 Comes complete with Alloy Tripod & 5 Section 5m Staff

Picture of SOKKIA C330 Engineers Automatic Level

SOKKIA C330 Engineers Automatic Level

Fast, Easy-to-Use and Accurate Levels, Suited for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use.

Offering you the best of Sokkia's renowned levelling technology, the C330 automatic levels are compact, solid, fast and very user-friendly. For a start, setting up the levels can be done fast and quickly and sighting is just as simple.

Moreover, the C330 automatic levels guarantee superior performance regardless of weather conditions. Apart from being immune to vibration, shock and other environmental conditions, the instruments are fully resistant to rain and accidental dousing. Even in sudden weather changes you won't be disturbed by fogging of the instrument - you're left to concentrate on the job.

Thanks to this solid, water and shock proof design, the C330 levels are just as well suited for outdoor use as for indoor use.
It meet JIS grade 4 specification for waterproofing (this complies with International Electrotechnical Commission Standard, Class IPX4)

- Reliable Automatic Compensator
- Quick and easy set-up
- Convenient Horizontal Angle measurement
- Precise collimation
- Easy to adjust


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